Old School Cool

Old School Cool
We were pleased and honored to be asked to work in partnership with the Terminal to recruit the bands and co-promote the outdoor, socially-distanced Old School Cool music festival on October 30, 2020 in the Strip District. Old School Frigid may have been a more appropriate title, albeit one not conducive to ticket sales. The weather man had the temperature pegged at 40 degrees, but it felt much colder. Nevertheless, A.T.S and SPUDS soldiered on and delivered killer sets as the fans hung in there for the entire three hours, happy to attend the only live band show that they'll see in 2020, some keeping warm by being wrapped in blankets or dancing, and probably they would have been dancing anyway. The show raised nearly $700 for Life'sWork of Western PA. If you missed the show and have a few extra bucks, they're a worthy charity.

Poster by Morgan McCoy
The cold didn't stop some of the SPUDS from performing in their boxers as they are wont to do.  Photo by Judy.

A view of A.T.S. from backstage.  Courtesy of Morgan McCoy.

This was the scene at the Terminal.  Photo by Judy.

A.T.S. made 95 appearances at the Electric Banana, including the final known show there.  Courtesy of A.T.S.

SPUDS' Mark Lewandowski hits the pavement to sing....naturally, "Tears Hit the Pavement."  Down he goes.....  Courtesy of Morgan McCoy.

......until he's flat on his back.  Courtesy of F.J. Lucchino.

A.T.S., the go-to band for old Pittsburgh punk reunions.  First RePunk3, then Bananastock, now Old School Cool.  Photo by Judy.

Can't say enough about the super job by soundman Gary Schwartz, left.  Courtesy of Morgan McCoy.

Here were SPUDS from backstage.  Courtesy of Morgan McCoy.

Mike Marcinko on bass for A.T.S.  Courtesy of A.T.S.

Bloomfield's State Farm agent and friends check out SPUDS.  Courtesy of Morgan McCoy.

Poster by Even Knauer. 


A.T.S.videos courtesy of A.T.S.  SPUDS videos courtesy of Morgan McCoy. 

 Two seconds of A.T.S. in action.

"Free Will."

" Light Passes Thru."


 More "Sepco."


"Runaway Barge."


Tim Pollock with the sax solo.

Dancing to SPUDS.

 The finale.


Another Even Knauer creation, offering a close-up look at A.T.S.

Courtesy of Evan Knauer. 


Special Thanks
Adda Coffee & Teahouse
Joanne Klimovich Harrop at The Trib
Morgan McCoy at  The Terminal
Scott Mervis at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Soundman Gary Schwartz
Babs Sefiane at Life'sWork of Western PA
All of the fans who attended

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