Photos on this page courtesy of photographer Ron Lutz II unless otherwise noted.  Check out his link and more photos below.
Half Life at the Electric Banana, 1986.

My goal in creating this site was to put together something that was safe for browsing at work or in the presence of children or clergy.  However, just in case there might be a couple folks out there who might be unaware of this, here’s a bulletin:  Punk rock has been known to sometimes deal in profanity or violence.  I can’t vouch for the content in any web sites but my own.  Click on any of these links and you’re on your own. 

I'm trying to avoid links to Facebook or Twitter pages because I hate how they've contributed to the homogenization of our culture. The internet was more fun when web sites looked different from one another.  However, I've reluctantly included a few Facebook links for bands that can't be ignored where there was no available alternative on the web or where the band said pretty please.

While the focus of this site is, of course, remembering the good times we had at the Electric Banana, I've also come to recognize that there's a staggering amount of "younger" talent in Pittsburgh presently.  We don't have the room or inclination to put all of their links here but I've included just a few young folks' sites that I think you'll like.

Agnostic Front

Alberta's Pizza
Pittsburgh-area food truck and caterer whose menu includes - get this - the Electric Banana pizza.



The Baffler
"America’s leading voice of interesting and unexpected left-wing political criticism, cultural analysis, short stories, poems and art" and "the journal that blunts the cutting edge."

Barbed Wire Dolls

Barefoot Serpents

The Bats

The Battle for Net Neutrality
Do you like your internet slow?  Wanna pay extra to make it faster?  Want your ISP to decide what web sites you can access?  Me neither.

The Beat
Also known as The Reggae Beat or The Reggae and African Beat at various times, like Trouser Press this was essential reading back in the 1980s but is now defunct.  They still update their blog once in a while.

David Bellard
Artist and Pittsburgh native who was a regular at the Electric Banana in 1985-86.

Joe Bendik, formerly of the Windows, Gag, the Zippatones, Nominal Bond, and Savage Amused, now plying his trade in New York as part of the Anti-Folk scene.

Bogus Records
"If it's not Bogus, it's not real!"

Bomp! Records
Who didn't love getting that catalog in the mail and sending away for those punk and power pop 45s?

Break My Face
"An Archive of Underachieving and Underrated Punk Rock Pioneers."  Includes articles on the Fingers, who were the first Pittsburgh punk band to make a record, and Black Flag. 

buRgandy juRk


Cardboards - Geniuses ahead of their time.

Carl's Guitar Corner
The former owner of Pittsburgh Guitars supplied many of the bands listed on these pages.  If not for him, we may have spent our nights at the Electric Banana listening to guys bang on logs. 

Carol Blaze
A.T. Vish has kept busy since the days when he was Thickhead Grin's drummer.


Cash Registers
One-time Savaged Amused guitarist/drummer John Bendik's New York punk band.

Castle Blood 

New local band with roots in the Electric Banana scene.

The Cheats
Dennis Childers
The drummer's artistic side. 

Chocolate USA at the Electric Banana

Citizen Seen's YouTube Page
We wouldn't usually provide a link to anybody's YouTube page, but this one is hard to ignore.  Loads of rare tracks of bands that emerged from the Electric Banana scene, mostly Hector in Paris, also the Windows, Nominal Bond, Monkey on a Stick, and Blond Venus, et. al., and some radio interviews.

Clean Rivers Campaign
Fresh ideas for ALCOSAN - and they're starting to listen.

Code Orange
Pittsburgh's 2017 Grammy Award nominees for Best Metal Performance for their song "Forever."

Get Hip recording artist Paul Collins Beat.  The self-proclaimed King of Power Pop, which would sound arrogant if it weren’t so darned true.

Copacetic Comics, the webmaster’s favorite place to shop, a pop culture emporium with comics, CDs, books, DVDs, art, and even The Five LP.  Online shopping will never replace an indie store where the owner knows your tastes.
Scroll down for a direct link to order The Five.

COVID-19 Projections
The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations' projections for the entire United States and each state individually, assuming full social distancing, updated daily. 

Creature People

Crumbs of Happiness/Chance Wayne

Vince Curtis
Half Life, Real Enemy, and White Wreckage.

The Cynics
Nobody played at the Electric Banana more times.

The Dancing Cigarettes, a Bloomington, Indiana band that played at the Electric Banana just once, but that’s all it took to leave their mark on Pittsburgh.

Debt Begins at 20, a documentary about the early Pittsburgh punk rock scene, with live performances by the Cardboards, the Shakes, and the Dykes as well as a trip to Jim’s Records.
Peggy Ahwesh wrote this excellent essay for Storyboard, the Carnegie Museum of Art blog:

Deliberate Strangers 

Dick Tracy Meets the Punks
A plot line from 1979.  It's the first appearance by a punk rocker in the daily comics. 

Direct Action

Don Caballero

Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July
Why couldn't Lansberry get his mail?  Check out this documentary.

Dreamland Music Video
Ever wonder what ever happened to the Imprints?  Sure you have.  Wonder no more.

Dress Up As Natives

DuroSport Electronics
"52.25 Years of Innovation!"

Pittsburgh Artist Rae K du Ssollae 


Essential Machine



The Five

Keith &
Chuck &
Bill &
Dez &

FOE, a hardcore fanzine and record label from the Lehigh Valley.  This amazing site has every issue and album available for free download or enjoying on your computer.  There are interviews with Half Life and many other bands who played at the Electric Banana. 

The Forty Nineteens 

Free Comic Book Day
First Saturday in May, every year.

Frenchy Burrito & the Folk Pistols
Click on “itunes” to access their Electric Banana page.

The Full Counts

The Fuzztones at the Electric Banana

George Gee Swing Orchestra

Get Hip Records
"Get Hip or get lost!"

Go Go Gidget
Srrrf riot!

The Gothees
"Imagine the bubblegum pop tunes of the Monkees and the Archies interpreted by The Velvet Underground with Ian Curtis of Joy Division as lead vocalist," says the web site.  OK, I'm sold.

The Gotobeds
A band named for Wire's drummer.  I love it.

The Great Kat
Shred guitar/violin virtuoso.

Steve Heineman, formerly of A.T.S. and Real Enemy.

Richard Hell
"I called him," says [Mike] Watt.  "I said, 'Is this Hell?'  And he said, 'Yeah.'  And I got scared and I hung up.  That, to me, was punk." - from Our Band Could Be Your Life:  Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991 by Michael Azerrad

Hepcat Dilemma

Hidden Truth

The Hipsters
The last remaining active band that was included on Made in Pittsburgh, Vol. 3.
HR (Human Rights)
Bad Brains vocalist once recorded an unreleased album with Stick Against Stone.

Hugh's Ominous Valve Works
Art, valves, radio, computers, movies, and pizza.   

Hungry Bill

Fun with the Internet Archive:
The Cynics live at WFMU studios on 7/29/06 and 10/6/07 (unplugged) and 11/26/11.
Liverball live at the Electric Banana in 1997 and the Fallout Shelter on 2/5/11 and on WRCT (date unknown).
Stone at the Electric Banana on 8/28/99---possibly the last show recorded there?
Somewhere in this lengthy Spanish-language program you can hear Zoetrope at the Electric Banana on 6/27/88.
Reid Paley live in Cambridge, MA on 11/17/10.
The Love Letters live on WRCT on 2/4/10. This fits nicely on a CD with a download of their double 45.
Eavesdrop on a couple Stick Against Stone practice sessions from 1984.
These “unofficial” recordings have been on the Internet Archive for quite some time, so we assume they’re there with the consent of the bands.  If we’re wrong about that and you represent these bands, contact us and the links will be removed---although this matter would probably be better taken up with the folks at the Internet Archive.

Internet Radio
A comprehensive directory of internet radio stations that you can listen to without leaving the page, organized by genre, including punk, new wave, reggae, and metal.

I Side With...
Nonpartisan web site that matches your views with those of the possible 2020 Presidential election candidates.  Take the quiz and rank the issues in terms of how important they are to you.  It's thorough but takes just a few minutes.

Jimmer, formerly of the Rave-Ups. 

Joy Division
Greater Manchaster band so beloved that a group of Pittsburgh musicians were inspired to form their own version for one night in 1983.

Kaibur Coffee
Located in the building which houses Copacetic and Cruel Noise in Polish Hill.

Killer of Sheep

"Cursed art for the damned and divine."

Evan Knauer Art
The Electric Banana spawned an astounding number of musicians who were also visual artists.

Knauer Brothers

DK on Pittsburgh Sports
Dejan Kovacevic used to play guitar at the Electric Banana.  Now he's doing something else and we hear that it's working out OK for him.

Tony Landolina, encaustic artist and 2019 Emerging Artist Scholarship Award winner.

Jim Laugelli - Art
Erstwhile sax man for Stick Against Stone and Hector in Paris, now into visual art.

The Leonards, the only band ever to play at the Electric Banana and be stopped by the Pittsburgh Police for being too loud!
Check out the Forty Nineteens while you're there.


Life In Balance

The Little Wretches  

Liveburgh Studio
Find out why Chris has been called "the soccer Mom for bands."


The Long Afternoon
"They pursue a strategy of deliberate obscurity," according to the web site.  We suppose that a link on this site will help them remain as such.

Long Journey

Los Vampiros Amarillos

The Love Letters

Low Doses
Formed in 2014, this New Jersey power pop band came to an abrupt end with their founder's untimely passing. They would have fit right in at the Electric Banana during its pre-hardcore era.

Ron Lutz II ~ Photographer
It's rare that a professional photographer would give a generous supply of photos to a site like this one, but that's what Ron did.  We hope you'll keep that in mind and patronize him if you're looking for a photographer in Wisconsin and you're a former or current punker, a transplanted Pittsburgher, or even just a regular person.

Mark's Record Reviews
This guy is one serious music lover.  Thousands of record reviews and over 100 in-depth interviews.  Many of the subjects graced the stage at the Electric Banana.  The site was "retired" in 2011, but no matter; there's enough interesting reading there to keep you busy for years.  

Meat Puppets 

Lisa Miles Violin, formerly of the Feral Family and Black Light Discipline.  Her resume puts James Brown, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, to shame.

Mind Cure Records, a record store no more, but the record label will continue on and Mike is still buying and selling record collections.

Misfit Toys/Ed's Imagery
Misfit Toys, from the DC area, played at the Banana twice.  Today the bass player is a professional photographer.  Check out his work including photos of Misfit Toys. 

Mission of Burma

Modern Fossils
Multi-generational band that debuted at Bananastock.

Tom Moran

Karl Mullen
Singer/guitarist of Carsickness and Ploughman's Lunch, now half of Long Journey (see above) and a practitioner of visual art.

Bill Munz, erstwhile guitarist for Scapegrace, now with a couple new projects.

Bill Munz & Various Lubricants

Brendan Munz/The Toxic S'Mores Project
Metal/alternative guitarist has joined his dad Bill (see above) in Munzi and Modern Fossils.

Murder for Girls

Navigating the Election Process for Students & First Time Voters
Nice comprehensive resource with a lot of important information.  Wondering how to register to vote? Or whether you can vote while away at college?  Or how to prepare?  It's all here.  Pass it on to any students you know.


The Nib
If you like indie nonfiction comics with a healthy dose of political satire, these folks got 'em.  If you don't, they got 'em anyway.

Non-Punk Pittsburgh
Curated by Dennis Childers and Larry Rippel.
The exhibit has concluded but we'll keep the link here for as long as the page is up because of all the cool photos and videos there.

Nox Boys
Garage punk, all the way from Blawnox.

The opd

Ben Opie, erstwhile saxophonist with, inter alios, Water Shed and Carsickness. 

A blog about Eddie and the Otters, with good stories about Phase III and the Puke.

Page Dairy Mart
Located at East Carson Street and Becks Run Road, the home of the Electric Banana sundae.

Reid Paley, former lead singer of the Five, now with an active, prolific solo career.

Megan Paullet
One-time Damaged Pie and alumnus of St. Vincent College.  (Take a wild guess where Joe went to college.)

Perk and Brew
We do love our coffee around here.  Here's a nice place in the Friendship/Bloomfield area.

The New Pitt Stadium
Could it happen in Oakland?

Pittsburgh Creative Collective
"[A] database for all Pittsburgh-area creators who have been affected by this [coronavirus] crisis to join together and not only connect in unforeseeable ways, but also to hopefully get support through these times."

Pittsburgh Current
New independently owned and operated print and online newspaper, free of charge, with extensive coverage of music and the arts and - get this - four pages of indie comics.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers  

Pittsburgh Guitars 

Pittsburgh Music History, a masterpiece of thoroughness that includes pages about the Electric Banana, Affordable Floors, the Cynics, Chris Frantz, and Nick Zeigler, among many others.  Ordinarily we at Electric Banana Pittsburgh wouldn't stand for this kind of competition but this site is too good to keep from you!

Pluto's Archives
The Feral Family, Salt Chunk Mary, and the Shunts.

Powder Keg

Preserving Underground
Physical media paradise, performance center, hardcore museum in New Kensington. 

Mike Psyche's YouTube Page
Another great video collection that's hard to ignore.

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks by Derf  
This graphic novel is a work of fiction, but you'll swear that you knew Otto.  We'd call it a "good read," except we hate it when verbs are used as nouns.


Rave-Up Records
Italian punk label that's released vinyl albums by Carsickness and the Features.

The Rea Coffeehouse at Chatham University, the site, however unlikely, of Pittsburgh's first punk rock show.  Read all about it.

Record Store Day.  Really, what could be cooler? 

Recycle This Pittsburgh
Everything you'd ever want to know about recycling in Pittsburgh, and if it's not there, you can ask.

Reesa and the Rooters
Who?  They never played at the Banana or even in Pittsburgh.  They evolved from Suburban Wives Club, whose 45 we mail-ordered back in 1982 on a whim from an ad in Trouser Press.  It was the drawing of the cartoon iron that convinced us.  There's some mp-3s here.

Resistance Wire

Henry Rollins

Sad Healthy Meals
Three comments from the webmaster: 1.) I hate blogs, for the same reason I hate all social media, because I'm not interested in every minute detail of everybody's boring life.  2.) I don't get the current fad where everybody is taking pictures of their meals and posting them to social media.  3.) This link has nothing to do with anything else on this site.
That said, this is just downright hilarious:

"Scapegrace is an up and coming band born at the Banana.  Keep an eye on them." - Johnny Banana, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/28/94.

Stephen Sciulli
Veteran multi-instrumentalist with Carsickness, Life in Balance, Monkey on a Stick, Ploughman's Lunch, Raised By Machines, and Standing Wave.

Steve Sciulli:  The Singing Life of Plants

The Shadow Event


Side Eye

Sir Dave
Bassist provides a generous supply of mp-3's of Stick Against Stone and his other projects. 

Sonic Youth 

Sour Wine Cult 

The Spectres
Greenfield garage band.

Spitznagel/Level Green Recordings - Jim of Jim's Records.


SST Records
This label really needs no introduction here.  Many of their bands played at the Electric Banana.

Standing Wave, a project of Carsickness and Ploughman's Lunch founding members Stephen Sciulli and Dennis Childers.  "Country music from an imaginary country."

Stick Against Stone

Sweet Olive

Take Me With You 

Thin White Line

Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge
This site has a lot of good stuff but was last updated in 2001 and has a lot of dead links, too.  Then again, maybe it's appropriate that some of the links don't show up, just as Thunders famously failed to show up for his scheduled appearance at the Electric Banana on 3/6/82. 

Tomorrow with Tom Snyder
The late night talk show that brought us the Clash, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett, Keith Levene and John Lydon, the Plasmatics, Iggy Pop, the Ramones, Patti Smith, and U2, many of whom had never appeared on American TV before or since, as well as John Lennon's last TV interview.

Trouser Press
This was the Bible of the New Wave back in its hey-day.  Maybe we shouldn't say "was."  The magazine may be no more but their web site is loaded with great info.  New and improved - if you haven't checked it out in a while, take a look.


The Urinals
Seminal minimalist Los Angeles punk band, big influence on the Minutemen.

Vans Warped Tour
The history of the tour, submitted by 12-year-old Jacob Fanning, the youngest person we know of to peruse our site and definitely the youngest to suggest a link.  Can't vouch for anything sold on the site, however; we're too tragically unhip to claim any familiarity.

Volcano Dogs
Bruce Lentz of the Dogs with former members of Eviction.

Bill von Hagen, former drummer of the Puke, Cardboards, 24 Minutes, and the Cynics.  Now he wants your old hardware and software.

The Waitresses
They played two memorable shows at the Electric Banana.  Their guitarist/songwriter Chris Butler produced an unreleased EP for Carsickness. 

The Andy Warhol Museum 

Mike Watt’s Hoot Page

Its reach is farther than in the old days, thanks to a stronger over-the-air signal and, of course, the internet.

The Wurms

Pittsburgh's alternative radio station is back as an internet-only station.

X-ray Spex
The apparent favorite band of the early Pittsburgh punkers, as evidenced by their underlying presence on Debt Begins at 20, where they appear on T-shirts and turntables and Poly Styrene is given a shout-out.  "ART-I-FICIAL!"

Zarra’s Restaurant

List last updated 9/30/20
Links last checked 9/10/20

Outside the Electric Banana, 1986
Punk rock was alive and well in Pittsburgh, and that ain't just blowing smoke!


Not related to the Electric Banana but interesting Pittsburgh connections nonetheless

Dave Wakeling, center, brought his new edition of the English Beat to Station Square on 7/11/13.  It was a homecoming of sorts for toaster Antonee First Class, second from left in the red shirt, who once owned a record store in Wilkinsburg.  Photo by Dom.