Selected Discography
Which is a fancy way of saying that there’s no way I’m gonna try to put together a complete discography that will satisfy everybody.  The information is presented, to the extent known or able to be discovered, in the following format:

Title or songs (mode) year of release; label (webmaster’s pithy comments)
OK, here goes:

To Thee We Confess/Ave Satanas (cassette) 1990

Active Ingredient
Active Ingredient (cassette) circa 1988

The Addicts
Mouthful O' Gin (cassette) 1993

The Affordable Floors
The Sounding (LP/CD) 1986; A.W.O.L.
Drumming on the Walls (CD/cassette) 1989; Anthem
All the Things I Meant to Be (CD) 1992; Anthem
Every Broken Heart Will Mend (download) 2018

Again & Again & Again
Dreams Are Never Enough/Hello Angel (45) 1982; Public 

Tales of Power (CD) 2002; Shroom

Articles of Faith
Complete Vol. 2 1983-1985 (LP/CD) 2002; Alternative Tentacles (Compilation album includes "Fine Line" recorded live at the Electric Banana in 1985.) 

Runaway Barge/Antichrist (45) 1987; A.T.S. Music
Hog Wild for Rudy (cassette)
Hail the Size 'A-Golf Balls (cassette) 1987 
A.T.S. Live 1989 (cassette) 1989 (Includes songs recorded live at the Electric Banana.)
Aramdillo Serenade (CD/cassette) 1990
Sepco (double CD) 1992; Blue Duck
Blood Drive (CD) 1994; Shimmydisc
Axe of Free Will and other victimless crimes (CD) 1995; Shimmydisc
House Music (Cellar Steps Series Volume One) (CD) 2005
Watering the Plants (CD) 2016; Another True Story Publishing
Alternative facTS and other True Stories (download) 2017

88 Song E.P. (EP) 1989; Wicked Sick (Includes Johnny Banana's spoken word intro at the Electric Banana on 8/28/88 but no songs from that show.)

Axis Y
Dream Quietly (CD) 1996; Backstreet
D'Spayre (CD) 1998; Backstreet 

Unleashed (LP) 2016; Mind Cure (The Aarrghman's metal band.  Comes with a download that includes additional songs.)
Bad Gravity
Bad Gravity (25th Anniversary) (download) 2020 (Includes six tracks recorded live at the Electric Banana on 11/5/94 "by a guy that sat & read a book." Unfortunately, some crowd noise was added.)

Barbed Wire Dolls
Killing Me/War of Colors/Caught in a Trap/Devil Man (EP) 1990; Get Hip
Liar/Who Will Survive (45) 1993; Get Hip
Esoterica (CD/LP) 1994; Gladiator

Barefoot Serpents
Barefoot Serpents (cassette) 1993
Barefoot Serpents (download) 1995 (Same album title as the previous release but with different songs.)

Battered Citizens
Rolling With the Punches (EP) 1989; Overkill
Police Brutality (LP) 2014; Mind Cure (Includes download of LP and two live shows from 1987 and 1988.) 

The Bats
Demo 5.26.84 (EP) 2014; Mind Cure (Includes download of EP and live show at the Electric Banana on 5/23/84.) 

Joe Bendik
Joe Bendik (CD) 1999; Kebrutney
Joe Hill's Last Will (single) 2016
Mother Sold the Land (single) 2016
MIFF (download) 2016
Public Domain John Hardy (single) 2017
Citizen (download) 2018 (Available under the name "Bendik" on Bandcamp and "Joe Bendik" on Amazon.)
Today is My Friday (single) 2018
Retrospective Vol. 1 Antifolk You 1993-1999 (download) 2019
Retrospective Vol. 2 Malltown Cometh 1998-2003 (download) 2019
Back to the Farm (2020) download
The Rust (is never sleeping) (single) 2022

Frank Black
Fast Man Raider Man (double CD) 2006; Back Porch (Reid Paley co-wrote 4 songs.) 

Black Light Discipline
Black Light Discipline (cassette) 1991

We Like to Eat (CD) 1995; Giant Sucking Sound Productions 

The Blow Pops
Stop/I Know Nancy (45) 1990; Get Hip
Charmed I'm Sure (LP/CD) 1992; Get Hip
My Carrie/Bleary Eyes (45) 1993; Get Hip
American Beauties (LP/CD) 1994; Get Hip (Produced by Shoes' Jeff Murphy.) 

Blue Collar
She Sings/First Snows (45) 1981; t.m.i
Steve Bodner
Ruby Spinel (single) 2021
This Place Called Christmas (single) 2021
Unambiguous Elegy (single) 2022
The New New Entre Nous (single) 2022

Body Rhythm
Feel the Rhythm (CD) 1998; Deja Blue (Richard Vitale on drums.) 

Bone of Contention
Bone of Contention (cassette) circa 1988
48 Points of View (LP) 1990; Igor
Sludgecreek/Harmless (45) 1992; Igor
Stay Calm (CD) 2003; Igor
Fun (CD) Igor  

Pierce the Front! (cassette) 1982
Boystown (EP) 1983; t.m.i.
From Trouser Press no. 92/93.  Used with permission.

Anthony Braxton | Ben Opie
Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008 (CD) 2010; OMP Recordings
Built Upon Frustration
Cast the First Stone (cassette) 1997; Frustrated Music
Low Life Crew (CD) 1998; Da'Core/Screaming Crow
Resurrected (CD) 2003; Da'Core/Screaming Crow
The Book of Mourning (CD) 2006; Screaming Crow

buRgandy juRk
have a nice day!!! (cassette)
teeth (casette) 1995
neveR pass up fRee stuff (cassette)
hmmm...just RemembeR always watch out foR kamikaze babies (CD) 1998
not all fRee stuff sucks...just this (cassette)
buy this, so i can eat!!! (CD)
i just dRopped the keys to youR heaRt down a seweR gRate of pain (CD) 2012
fRee stuff is fRee, theRefoRe, it is good. (CD) 
keeping that pipe dReam alive (CD) 2018
Canary (download) 2012
Blue (download)2013
Twee (download) 2014
Honey (download) 2015
Elsewhere (download) 2017
Change (download) 2018
Stars (download) 2019
Ardor (download) 2023

Captain Bigwheel
Detonation (CD) 1998; Rudos 

Cardboards Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (EP) 1981; Mom’s (No, there was no Vol. 1.)

When/Me and My Cruiser/Bill Wilkinson/Police Dog (EP) 1980; t.m.i.
Happy Workers/Plastic People (45) 1981; t.m.i.
Shooting Above the Garbage (LP) 1981; t.m.i.
Live and Studio (cassette) 1981; t.m.i.
For You/They Came Crawling (45) 1982; t.m.i.
Sharpen Up For Duty (LP) 1982; t.m.i.
Release (cassette) circa 1985
Tattoo the Wicked in Advance of the Crime (cassette) circa 1988; Dysjecta
1979-1982 (LP) 2015; Rave-Up (Get Hip released it on LP and CD in 2017.)

From Trouser Press no. 77.  Used with permission.

Cash Registers
Makes No Sense (EP) 1995; Black Eye
Hey Big Spender (EP) Million Dollar Records
Context Demos (CD) 2014; Million Dollar Records
20th Century Eyes (CD) 2016; Million Dollar Records
Christmas Time At The Dollar Store/ 60 Seconds To Midnight (download) 2016

Castle Blood
Con*Fusion (EP) 1991; Castle Blood Music
Land of the Lost (CD) 1992; Castle Blood Music

Brassque (download) 2017
CROWS '87 (download) 2018
For Those About to Rock / We Will Sue You (download) 2018
"Great set! Lotta energy!" (download) 2019

The Cheats
Cheap Pills (LP/CD) 2003; Screaming Crow (Reissued in 2023 with bonus tracks.)
Life's Short (LP/CD) 2006; Screaming Crow
Pussyfootin' (LP/CD) 2012; Screaming Crow
Cussin' Cryin' 'N' Carryin' On (LP/CD) 2020; Screaming Crow
XXI (Cover Record) (CD) 2022; Screaming Crow (Limited edition available to fan club only.)

The Cheats / Electric Frankenstein
Rockamania #1 (LP) 2014; Screaming Crow 

Todd Clark
Into the Vision (LP) 1984; t.m.i. 

Cold Warrior & the Mercenary Band
Jean-Paul Sartre is Dead/Vietnam/Beatsickness (EP) 1980; t.m.i.
Gucci (EP) 1981; t.m.i.

Congo Eels
Congo Eels (EP) 1984; Jim's Records 

The Core
World Citizenship/Cry Love (45) 1982; Core

Cousin It
Hey Cuz (cassette) circa 1988; It 

The Crackers
Maria/Sad Situation (45) 1983; Bogus
Here's to the Ink in Ya (quintuple CD) 2022 (Disc 4 includes their 8/6/86 show at the Electric Banana.)

Crumbs of Happiness
Live at the Electric Banana 1984 (download) 1984 

The Cynics
Painted My Heart/Sweet Young Thing (45) Dionysus
No Place to Hide/Hard Times (45) 1985; Dionysus
Friday Night/69 (45) Get Hip
Lying All the Time/Summer's Gone (45) Full Sail
No Way/Dancin' on the Wall (45) Get Hip
I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining/Smoke Rings (45) 1985; Get Hip
Blue Train Station (LP/CD) 1986; Get Hip
Twelve Flights Up (LP) 1988; Get Hip
Rock N Roll (LP/CD) 1989; Get Hip
VPRO Radio Broadcast (EP) Get Hip
Stranded in Madrid (LP/CD) 1990; Impossible
Cynicism – Best Of  (CD) 1990; 1 + 2 Records
No Siesta Tonite (LP/CD) 1990; Get Hip
Learn to Lose (CD) 1993; Get Hip
Blue Train Sessions (CD) 1994; Get Hip (Blue Train Station with four additional songs.)
Sixteen Flights Up (CD) 1994; Get Hip (Twelve Flights Up with four additional songs.)
Get Our Way (LP/CD) 1994; Get Hip
Living Is The Best Revenge (LP/CD) 2002; Get Hip
Here We Are (LP/CD) 2007; Get Hip
Spinning Wheel Motel (LP/CD) 2011; Get Hip
Rock N Roll (LP) 2019; Get Hip (30th anniversary gatefold reissue with bonus tracks.)
Get My Way/Goin' Away (45) Get Hip
Way It's Gonna Be/Raodrunner (45) Get Hip
I Don't Need You/Girl On My Mind (45) Get Hip
Buick Mackane/Born to Lose (45) Smpathy For The Record Industry
Right Here With You/Learn to Lose (45) Get Hip
I Want It All/Brother the Man (45) Screaming Apple
Two Rooms/Jealous Man (45) Weed
Dirty Trick/Lose Your Mind (45) Mind Cure
I Live Alone/Hand in Hand (45) Get Hip
Privae Suicide/All These Streets (45) Get Hip
I'll Wait/13 O'Clock (45) Muenster
When I'm Down/Baby What's Wrong (45) Impossible
Doin' Me In/Last Day (45) Get Hip
Turn Me Loose/Never Had It Better (45) Get Hip

The Cynics and Frampton Brothers
I Got You Babe/Bang Bang (45) Get Hip 

Dag Nasty
Can I Say (CD) 2002; Dischord (Includes some tracks recorded live at the Electric Banana on 2/6/86.) 
Photo by Dom.

The Damaged Pies
Second Thoughts
Terminal Street
The Damaged Pies (CD)
A Year of Tuesdays
Lee's Musical Misfits (CD) 1996
Hometown Sweethearts (CD) 1998
Napalm (EP)
Redbeardown Two Steps Behind (CD)
The Nightwatch
Trying Desperately to Look Famous (CD)
Live at Sun Studio Memphis (CD) 2005  
Popalectric (download) 2010 
The Best of the Damaged Pies, Volume II (download) 2013 (No, there was no Volume I here, either.  Must be a Pittsburgh thing.)
Rock and Roll Zelig (CD) 2013
The Hammerspace Odeon (download) 2014 
Stage Door (download) 2015
24 Tigers (download) 2016 (Children's album.)
The Stars on a Summer Night (CD/LP) 2017; Get Hip
Same Circus, Different Town (single) 2018
Silent Movies and Talking Pictures (download) 2019
Girl Big City - Music From the Imaginary Television Series (download) 2021 (Released under the names "Meg and Steve.")
Movin' On (single) 2021
The Rainbow Connection (single) 2021 (Released under the names "Megan and Steve.")
Same Rock, Different Hall - Live in Cleveland 8/11/01 (download) 2021
Susan Minnie Fisher's Angelic Painted Lights (single) 2021
Something (single) 2022 (By Meg and Steve)
The Road to Everest (download) 2023
Love Lies Bleeding (single) 2023
So Much for Pink Mondays (download) 2023

The Damaged Pies with Frzy
Angelee (single) 2019
Sowei (single) 2020
Dans Sa Danse (single) 2023 

The Dancing Cigarettes
The Dancing Cigarettes (EP) 1981; Gulcher
School of Secret Music (CD) 1995; Turnstile Media
1980-81:  The Gulcher Recordings (CD) 2002; Gulcher
Live 1982 (DVD) 2014; TimeChange
Dance Dogs Dance (LP) 2016; Magnetic South

The Dark
Scream Until We Die (CD) 2006; Grand Theft Audio (Most of disc 2 was recorded live at the Electric Banana on 2/11/84.  This is a Cleveland band, not the earlier Pittsburgh band of the same name.) 

One Night in the Cemetery (cassette/CD) 1989 (Recorded live at the Electric Banana on 5/21/89.)
Return to the Evil Side (CD) 2004; Cursed Productions (Includes songs performed live at the Electric Banana in 1989.)

Hungers (LP) 2015; FDH (Album closes with a cover of Cardboards' "Electrical Generator.")

Deliberate Strangers
Hog Wild and Pig Bitin’ Mad (CD) 1997; Payday
Mood Music For Snake Handlers (CD) 1998
Ghostland - Next Exit (CD) 2001
Outlaw Writers TourLive in WV (CD) 2004; Rattler

Diamond Haze
Live Six (cassette) 1991 

Direct Action
Live July '88 (cassette) 1988 (Includes tracks recorded at the Electric Banana on 7/10/88.) 
Demo, 1987 (download) 2016 (Also includes tracks recorded at the Electric Banana.)
Third Rail (LP) 2016; Mind Cure 
Disciples of Earth
Pollinator (single) 2024 

The Dogs
Apocalypse Howl (cassette/CD) 1986; Rover
Psycho Daddy (CD) 1988; Rover
Riot In My Head (cassette) circa 1990
Buried Bones (CD) 2003

John Dokes with the George Gee Swing Orchestra
John Dokes Sings, George Gee Swings (CD) 2010; Swing Theory Entertainment 

Don Caballero
Lucky Father Brown/Belted Sweater/Shoeshine (EP) 1992; Pop Bus
Unresolved Karma/Puddin' In My Eye (EP) 1992; Broken Giraffe
Andandandandandandandand/First Hits (EP)1993; Third Gear
Our Caballero/My Ten-Year-Old Lady is Giving It Away (EP)1993; Touch and Go
Our Caballero (EP) 1993; City Slang
For Respect (CD) 1993; Touch and Go
If You've Read Dr. Adder, Then You Know What I Want (EP)1995; Coat-Tail
Don Caballero 2 (CD) 1995; Touch and Go
Waltor/Shuman Center 91 (45)1996; Chunklet
Trey Dog's Acid/Room Temperature Lounge (45) 1998; Touch and Go
What Burns Never Returns (CD) 1998; Touch and Go
Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1) (CD) 1999; Touch and Go
American Don (CD) 2000; Touch and Go
World Class Listening Problem (CD) 2006; Relapse
Punkgasm (CD) 2008; Relapse
Gang Banged With a Headache, and Live (CD)2012
Five Pairs of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero (CD) 2014
Look At Them Ellie Mae Wrists Go!: Live Early Caballero (CD) 2014

Mellow Yellow/Sunny South Kensington (45) 1966; Epic (The A-side introduced the term "electrical banana" to the rock lexicon for the first time.) 

Doom Watch
Final Hour (EP) 1986; Facemelt
A Symphony of Decadence (LP/cassette) 1989; Strategic Relativity
Crankin' 21/3 Chord Opera (45) 1990; B.U.F.

Dream Death
More Graveyard Delving (cassette) 1986
Journey Into Mystery (CD/LP/cassette) 1987; New Renaissance
Back From the Dead (CD) 2005; PyscheDOOMelic
Pittsburgh Sludge Metal (CD) 2009; Hells Headbangers (Some internet sources say this was recorded live at the Electric Banana, while others say this isn't so.)
Somnium Excessum (LP/CD) 2013; Svart

Dress Up As Natives
Had To Be There/Grover/Didn’t Expect (EP) 1982; Public

Bob Dylan
The 1966 Live Recordings (CD) 2017; Sony Legacy (36-disc set of every known 1966 bootleg concert recording, now legitimized.  You know who taped the Pittsburgh show (disc 33), right?)

Eddie & the Otters
Bad News Travels Fast/Hide and Seek/Chance in a Million/The Right Stuff (EP) 1981; Public
Otterbiography (CD) 1999
Endless (CD) Screaming Crow
With Everything Against Us (CD) Screaming Crow
Decade of Obscurity (CD) Screaming Crow

Sweet Jimmy 1995; Audiomation
Generation E 1997; Jeree
Ye Olde EOE 2007

Struggle With Society (cassette) 1987 (Reissued on LP by Mind Cure in 2016.)
Who Will Win? (cassette) 1988
The World Is Hours Away (CD/LP) 1990; Metal Blade
Think Tank (cassette) 1993; Monkey Spank 

The Features
Floozie of the Neighborhood/I Wanna Be Your Man (45) 1979; Paradox
Floozie of the Neighborhood (LP) 1999; Rave-Up (See below.)

The Feral Family
Haters Gonna Hate (download) 2015 (Recorded 1991.)

The Fingers
Isolation (EP) 1977; Paradox (The first record by a Pittsburgh punk band.  They relocated to New York and later morphed into the Features, but we aren't sure whether they're the same band who played at the Electric Banana from 1981-82.  Anybody know?) 

The Five
Excite Me/Napalm Beach (45) 1981
Act of Contrition (EP) 1981; Public
The Five (LP) 1987; BEM (By this time there were only four, but who’s counting?)

Nobody Love Me/Russia Rocks (45) 1981; t.m.i.
God Fearing Man/It’s Not Right (45) 1982; t.m.i.
In Loving Memory (CD) 2023; Jib Machine (double disc)
Dress Up As Natives EP sleeve designed by Paul Bucciarelli.

The Forbidden 5
The Forbidden 5 Chop You Up (CD) 2007; ISV (Horror-punk band fronted by Bruce Lentz, formerly of the Dogs.)

Slim Forsythe
Slim Forsythe's Greatest Hits (CD) 2016; Get Hip
This is Slim Forsythe (LP/CD) 2017; Get Hip
The Ballad of Punxsutawney Phil/Down on My Knees at Nied's Hotel Again (45) 2018; Get Hip (The B-side is a duet with Molly Alphabet.)
We're Gonna Drive on Sunshine (download) 2018; Get Hip 

Slim Forsythe & Friends
Down On My Knees At Nied’s Hotel Again (CD) 2011

Slim Forsythe & the Parklane Drifters
Bury Me Up On That Northern Tier (CD) 2009

The Forty Nineteens
No Expiration Date (CD) 2012; Heyday
Spin It (CD) 2014; Heyday
Modern Romance/Falling Down/Pink '55 Bel Air/Have a Good Time (EP) 2015; Rock Ranch
No Mellow Ruse (cassette) 2015; Weiner
Rebooted (CD) 2016; Rock Ranch
Frosty the Snowman (single) 2016; Bongo Boy
"Good Fortune" (CD) 2017; kool kat
It's Christmas Time Again (single) 2018
Tell Me/It's For Fun (single) 2020; Big Stir
Go Little GTO/Another Day (single) 2020; Big Stir
New Roaring Twenties (CD) 2021; Big Stir

The Forty Nineteens with Tony Valentino
Late Night Radio/Crocodile Tears (single) 2020; Big Stir

Frampton Brothers
I Am Curious (George) (CD) 1991; Bogus
Don't Fall Asleep...Horrible Things Will Happen (CD) 1993; Bogus
Frampton Brothers Bootleg Tape (cassette) 1993
Frampton Brothers Hate You (EP) 1994; Bolt Remover
The Frampton Brothers Play the Hits of the Staten Island Ferries (cassette) 1996
File Under F (For Failure) (CD) 1999; Cacophone
Briefcase Full of Wigs (download) 2020
Frenchy Burrito
Strange Paint (CD) 2000; Taxi
Mosquitoville (Revisited) (CD) 2003; Taxi
Lo-Fi World (CD) 2003; Black Market
Here I Am Again (CD) 2006; Lofiology
Mosquitoes Redux (CD) 2008
Early Recordings:  The Resurrection of the Only Remaining Steel City Country Band (CD) 2006

Frenchy Burrito & the Folk Pistols
Homeless Hearts (cassette) 1991
Live at the Warhol (CD) 2003; Black Market
The Coffeehouse Tapes (CD) 2006
Live Targets (CD) 2006; Kilgore
Strange Paint (CD) 2016; CD Baby

The Full Counts
First Out (download) 2015
First Out (Acoustic) (download) 2015 
First Out (LP/CD) 2017; Phratry (Seems the physical release combines the best of the above two digital releases.)
Next Up (LP/CD) 2019; Phratry

The Fuzztones
Alive and Deadly (CD) 2015; Sin Record Company (Recorded live at the Electric Banana. The CD's front cover says it was 1983. The back cover and the Fuzztones' web site says it was 1984. Our own research points to 1985.) 

The Garden
The Shallow (cassette) 1986
The Burden (cassette) 1987
Sapphire (CD) 1997; Apollyon 

George Gee Big Band
Settin' the Pace (CD) 2004; GJazz

George Gee and His Make Believe Ballroom Orchestra
Swingin' Live (CD) 1998; GJazz
Swingin' Away (CD) 2000; Zort Music

George Gee & the Jump Jive & Wailers
Buddha Boogie (CD) 1999; Swing 46
If Dreams Come True (CD) 2007; GJazz

George Gee Swing Orchestra
Swingin' at Swing City Zurich (CD) 2003; Zort Music
Swing Makes You Happy! (CD) 2014; Rondette Jazz
Winter Wonderland (CD) 2023
Live at Swing 46 (CD) 2023

Marie Geever
Moon Lovers (CD) 2007; CD Baby

Generic Beat
Protest Song (Don't Drop It On Me)/Pop Song (Imagination Heart Attacks) (45) 1983; t.m.i. 

The Gothees
Meet the Gothees (CD) 2007; Starfish L.E.
Bela Lugosi's Dead (single) 2007
Scary Monsters and Super Creeps (single) 2010
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum (single) 2010
Tears/The Hell of It (45) 2015
Puppet Show (single) 2016
Rudolph's Nose is Red (single) 2017
Ultra Man / Ultra Model (single) 2018
Won't You Be My Neighbor? (single) 2018
The Birds, The Bees, The Monkees, and The Gothees (EP) 2018; Gotta Groove (Vinyl released 2019.)
Santa's Christmas Sleigh (single) 2019

Great Plains
Live at the Electric Banana Pittsburgh 5.22.85 (CD) 2005; Old 3C

Ground Zero
Dom found this at Elekrocution Records in Belgium.
Living In Tandem (EP) 1982; Bung

Half Life
What’s Right (cassette) 1985; Mind Cure
Under the Knife (45) 1986; Mind Cure
What’s Left (cassette) 1987
I Got It Bad...And That Ain't Good/C'mon Everybody (45) 1988; Mind Cure
Never Give In (LP/cassette/CD) 1989; Skyclad
All Our Yesterdays (CD) 2002; Stab Wound (Includes live tracks recorded at the Electric Banana.)

Hand of Doom and Citizen Pain
Live!!! at Eden Park! (cassette) 1988
The Hank Band
I Wish We Were Older/I Laughed (45) 1981; Public
I Think She's Dumb/Never Change Your Mind (45) 1983; Steel City Surf Shop

Hard On Gang, Necracedia, Travesty, and Barbed Wire Dolls
I Lost My Socks in Heidelberg/Crucifxion/World Gone Wrong/Killing Me (EP) 1990; NFO 

Phil Harris
Eight-Track Tape
Thick (CD/cassette) 1991; Bogus
The Harry Von Zells
Play It Backwards (LP) 2023; Igor 

Hector in Paris
Silent Radio/Picnic on the Edge (45) 1985; Mom’s
Hector in Paris (cassette) 1985; Mom's
High Life/Rose’s Party (45) 1986; Mom’s
No Leaning (cassette) 1987; Mom’s

Hepcat Dilemma
The Bongs Are Flying (CD) 1994
Erutangis (CD) 1995
Psyclotomis Rex (CD) 2001
Overend (CD) 2002; Rat-On-A-Stick
Art Imitates Life (LP) 2019; Rat-On-A-Stick

Search and Destroy/Lesbian Grudge Match (45) 1988; Get Hip
Heretics (LP) 1988; Get Hip
Shrivel Up and Die/Mississippi Queen (45) 1989; Get Hip
Omnivore (LP) 1990; Get Hip
Gotta Go/Straight On/Caught Up (EP) 1991; Blackbox
Goat Milk Fudge (LP/CD) 1992; Repulsion

Hideous Mangleus
We Live ...... You Sleep (EP) 1990; Thrash
All Your Friends Are Dead (cassette) 1990
Unearthing Grandma's Grave (EP) 1991; Ecocentric (Germany)
All Your Friends Are Dead (CD) 1996; Ecocentric (Different songs than the 1990 cassette release.)
Shadows That Kill (CD) 2004; Goreglastic

The Hipsters
Love and Violence (CD) 2016 

Hogan's Goat
Good Intention Road (CD) 1998; Mom's 

The Hornets
Magazine Smile/Girls Don’t Change (45) 1980; Bogus

Hungry Bill
Spaghetti-n-Pancakes (cassette) (Or was the debut cassette called Eat Beer?  We've found conflicting sources.  Can anybody help here?)
Meatloaf Salad Surgery (cassette) 1991
Live at the Beanery (cassette)
My Weird Uncle (CD) 1999
Hungry Bill Live at Mr. Small's Funhouse (CD) 2002
I Am Suspicious (CD) 2007 

The Imprints
Secretary’s Tune/Happy Together (45) 1983; Rev

The Infidels
Mad About That Girl/A Thousand Years Ago (45) 1985; Jim’s Records

The Infinite Voyage

The Willow Snag (CD) 2002
Charred Timeless/This City is a Wick (45) 2004; Hope Records

JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army)
Live 1984 (LP) 1984; Placebo (Includes tracks recorded at the Electric Banana on 6/30/84.)

The Would-Be Plans (LP/CD) 2013; The Chief Injustice
God Like the Sun (download) 2017
Almost Home, Again (download) 2019 

July (cassette) 1993 

Kids After Dark
Don’t Entertain Me/Takes Three Eyes (45); circa 1983; Micro Mix

Pat Kilbride
Loose Cannon (CD) 1995; Green Linnet (Karl Mullen on electric guitar and harmonica.)

Killer of Sheep
Out of Time (EP) 2012; Innervenus and Lock & Key Collective (co-release)
Never Give In!/Pawns (45) 2013; Mind Cure
Scorned (LP) 2017; Tang!

Christopher Koenigsberg
Brains (CD) 1994; PWOA Productions 

The Leonards
The Leonards (LP/cassette) 1988; Rock Ranch
Move/Thinking About It (45) 1992; Red Planet
Blister (CD) 1993; Red Planet
Garage Sale (CD) 2006; Rock Ranch

Skinned in the Womb (download) 2011
Open Casket Gangbang (single) 2016
Conceived of Flesh, Forged in Gore (download) 2017
Genesis of a Plague (CD) 2018 (Live at the Electric Banana in 1989.) 

Life In Balance
Remember who you are - one (CD) 1998
Pulse (CD) 2000 (With Jim Donovan)
Deeper (CD) 2000
Star (CD) 2004
Live (CD) 2005
Soundhealer (CD) 2006
"OM to OHM" (CD) 2007; Koch 

The Little Wretches
Born With a Gift/One Chance in Hell (45) circa 1986; Get Hip
Just About Due/What Goes On (45) circa 1986; Get Hip
Born With a Gift (LP/cassette) 1986
Why Were Their Poets Silent? (cassette) 1989; Bamm! Bamm!
Just Another Nail in My Coffin (CD) 1990; Bamm! Bamm!
Beyond the Stormy Blast (CD) 1991; Bamm! Bamm!
The Little Wretches (CD) 1993
The Time the Rebellion Weeps/The Slow Restless Agony (double CD) 1999; Bamm! Bamm!
Plums (CD) 2001
Miscellaneous (download) 2015; Bamm! Bamm!
Burning Lantern Dropped in Straw (download) 2020; Bamm! Bamm!
Undesirables & Anarchists (LP/download) 2020; Bamm! Bamm!
When It Snows (download) 2020 ; Bamm! Bamm!
Live at the Mattress Factory:  Songs From the Land of Pit Bulls & Poker Machines (LP) 2021
Red Beets & Horseradish (CD) 2022

A Bullet For Your Thoughts (EP) 1993; Ripe
Test Burn (EP) 1994; Ripe
Live at the Electric Banana '97 (CD) 2000
Live on the Radio WRCT-FM ' 94 (CD) 2003
Bullet Burn (CD) 2009; Buck-N-Hour
Sgt. Zang (CD) 2011; Buck-N-Hour
Last Call (CD) 2011; Buck-N-Hour

Liverball and Pilsner
Split (EP) 1997; Get Hip

The Long Afternoon
The Luxury Problem (CD) 2007; Problematic Audio Recordings
Signifying Nothing (CD) 2009; Problematic Audio Recordings
An Index of Maladjustments (CD) 2011; Problematic Audio Recordings
Regression (CD) 2016; Problematic Audio Recordings

Long Journey
Fierce Folk  (CD) 2016; Barntone

The Love Letters
Semi-Dark Crush Museum/As We Go Along/The Last One/Champagne Lady (double 45) 2015; Igor 
The Lovin' Miserys
Happy As Hell (download) 2021

Mental Block Party
Mental Block Party (CD) 1991(Sari Morninghawk, Dave Soule, and on some songs Richard Vitale.) 
Mentally Exhausted
Sarcasm Relieves Boredom (cassette) 1987 (Live at the Electric Banana in 1987.)

Lisa Miles
Nalada (CD) 2011
Final Stance (download) 2015 (with SaedSixSix)
Annegrette (download) 2016 (with Come With Reverse)
"Come With Reverse" remix vers. (download) 2016 (with Come With Reverse)
Imeros, vers. (download) 2016 (with Come With Reverse)
Lisa Miles and Alexander Passalides Duo EP (download) 2016
Balas de Plata (download) 2016 (with Efecto Violeta)
La Source (download) 2016 (with L'Ordre d'Heloise)
Macabre Bolero I & II (download) 2016
Cool of the Dark Against the Barrage/Oltre (download) 2016
As Moths (download) 2016
Intention EP (download) 2016
Tensile Strength (download) 2018
Fraction (download) 2018
Deepland (download) 2019 (with Two Witches)
Vicissitudes/Violo (download) 2019
Serpiente de Nuit ~ Solo Violin & Mandolin (download) 2019
Misfit Toys
Closure (CD) 2023; Rising Moon

Modern Fossils
Incredible Edibles (CD) 2020
The Demos (download) 2022 

Tom Moran
Oud Music for Snake Handlers (CD) 2011; Rattler Media

3D Sound/Soul Safari (45) 1982; t.m.i.

Mount McKinleys
Thrill Thrill Thrill (EP) 1992; Mummified Sounds
Going to Pieces (EP) 1993; Mummified Sounds
Portrait of a Mindbender (LP, CD) 1995; Get Hip
The Indescribable High Rise Sounds of Today ( LP) 1997; Max Piccou
Ringmaster Blues (EP) 1997; Max Piccou
Genius in Modern Music, Vol. 2 (EP) 1997; 360 Twist
Left Hand Controls Volume, Right Hand Controls Pitch (45) 1998; Anthracite
Stacked Up (And Get It!) (CD) 1999; Get Hip
The Indescribable High Rise Sounds of Today (CD) 1999; Get Hip
Drag You/Degeneration (45) Ape City

Mount McKinleys and Steel Miners
Mount McKinleys* / Steel Miners*   (EP) 1996; Black Lung

Karl Mullen
Mercy Me With Curses (CD) 2000; Merging Media
F EAR LES S (download) 2020; Get Hip

The Karl Mullen Band
Sugar-flower-oxygen (EP) 2001

Bill Munz
Just Smile and Shut the Door (CD) 2020; Rorer

Murder for Girls
Murder for Girls (CD) 2014
All the Wishes (CD) 2016
All the Pretty Stars (download) 2017
Done in the Dark (CD/LP) 2020 (Produced by Tommy Stinson.)
Six Stories (CD) 2022

Tired/Blinded (45) 1990; N.F.O.
Fight For Change (EP) 1990; Bad Card
"Let's Kill the Neighbors!" (EP) 1991; OMO
Now I See Clearly (LP) 1991; Wreck-Age

Welcome to the Masquerade (cassette) 1986
Futurekill (cassette) 1987
The Insanity Has Only Begun... (cassette) 1988

99 Cents
99 Cents (cassette) 1985; Gravelvoice

No Shelter
Soldier Boy/Brooks Robinson’s Camp (45) 1978; YMS
Norman's Creed
Wait There's More (cassette)

Bill J. Oliver
Ninecrosses (CD) 1996; SIRREEL
Laboring in Obscurity (CD) 2001; SIRREEL
Strictly Pavement (CD) 2004; SIRREEL

The opd
Don't Make a Sound (EP)
Inside of the Outside/Boys Who Wear Make-Up (single) 2009 

Operation Ivy
There's a Place (CD) 2004; Baltan-69 (Bootleg compilation which includes "Junkie's Running Dry" from the Electric Banana on 4/22/88.  Ordinarily we wouldn't list bootlegs here, but this one was made with the band's blessing by a friend of theirs who gave them away rather than selling them.)

Ben Opie
Concerto for Orkestra (CD) 2017 

Ben Opie / Josh Wulff
Monster Face (download) 2019 

Out of Reach
Problems With Democracy (EP) 1992; Ascension

Reid Paley
Time For You/Best of All (45) 1997; Sub Pop
Lucky’s Tune (CD) 1999; GoodNoise (Released on vinyl by Demon in 2022.)
Revival (CD) 2000; eMusic

Reid Paley Trio
Approximate Hellhound vs. the Monkey Demon (CD) 2007; Metaphor Rhythms

Paley & Francis
Courtesy of Steve Bodner
Paley & Francis (CD) 2011; Sonic Unyon

Pauline & the Perils
I Can Walk Away/She's Just a Picture (45) 1980; BCMK

Living Truth

Pittsburgh Musicians for Hunger Relief
No Reason (cassette) 1992; Solution (Includes members of the Damaged Pies, the Critics, Planet Leo, and Hector in Paris as well as Brad Wagner.)

Planet Leo
Hey Linda/Zoom Zoom Varoom (45) 1992; Bogus
Go Kart Holiday (CD/cassette) 1992; Bogus 

Pleasure Heads
Song For God/Clove Cigarettes (45) 1988; Get Hip 

The Ploughman's Lunch
Whiskey From the Field (cassette) 1991
Sodom and Begorrah! (cassette) 1994
Paddy's Got a Brand New Bag (CD) 1996; Blue Duck
Peace, Love & Blarney (CD) 1997; J-Bird
The Ploughman's Lunch (CD) 1999; J-Bird

The Pop Rivets
Fun in the U.K. (LP) 1985; Jim's Records
Popular Creeps
Bloodshot Red (CD) 2019; CD Baby
Split Decision/Black and Blue (single) 2022; Big Stir
All of This Will End in Tears (CD) 2022; Big Stir

Psychotic Petunias
Louie, Louie/Surfin' Bird (45) 1979; Mayhem 

The Rave-Ups
Class Tramp (EP) 1983; Fun Stuff
Town + Country (LP) 1985; Fun Stuff (Reissued on CD in 2016 by Omnivore with bonus "lost" album.)
Positively Lost Me/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (45) 1985; Fun Stuff
Three Wishes/Big Wide River (45) 1986; Fun Stuff
The Book of Your Regrets (LP/CD) 1988; Epic
Advance Special College Radio Sampler (EP) 1998; Epic (Promo)
Freedom Bound (45) 1988; Epic (Spanish Promo)
Hamlet Meets John Doe (CD) 1989; Epic
Chance (LP/CD) 1990; Epic
A Chance Conversation with Jimmer Podrasky of the Rave-Ups (LP) 1990; Epic (Promo)
She Says (Come Around) (45) 1990; Epic (Promo. Can't accuse the folks at Epic of not trying!)

Raw Power
Live in the U.S.A. 1984 (cassette) 1985; Bad Compilation Tapes (Tour compilation includes seven songs recorded at the Electric Banana on 9/6/84.)

Real Enemy
Life With the Enemy (LP) 2014; Mind Cure

Johnny Rhythm and the Dimestore 45s
Radio Americana/Doin' Time (45) 1987; Dreamscape
Johnny Rhythm and the Dimestore 45s (download) 2019
Royal Honey
Hype, Money and Misbehavior (CD) 2019
Sweet Heat (CD) 2021; The Vault

The Rumble Strips
The Rumble Strips (EP) 1981; Public 

Dance or I'll Kill You/Music is Good for the Soul (45) 1981; Public

Salt Chunk Mary
Holiday Ham Tips (download) 2015 (Recorded 1992.)
Sound 7 (download) 2015 (Recorded 1993.)

Savage Amused
Demo LP (LP) 2014; Mind Cure (Includes download of album & live show at Electric Banana on 5/26/85.)

Belly Full of Lettuce (cassette) 1994 
Live At The Electric Banana 1/28/94 & 10/10/93 (CD)
Live WRCT Radio Broadcast (CD)
4 Out Of 5 Babies Agree. . . Scapegrace Sucks!!!! (CD)
You Can't Polish A Shit Sandwich (CD)
All Liquored Up:  Live From The Decade 4-24-96 (CD)

Stephen Sciulli
High In The Mountain (CD) 2017; Get Hip
Sound and Silence - Music for Tranquility and Simplicity through the Shakuhachi Zen Flute (download) 2018 (2009 collaboration with Daniel May)
The Singing Life of Plants (download) 2020 (Released under the name Steve Sciulli.) 

Screaming Mailboxes of Destiny
Screaming Mailboxes of Destiny (LP) 1985; Gravelvoice 
Steve Seel
Terra (download) 2022
Coelum (download) 2022
From Joe's personal collection.
Incendium (download) 2022

The Shunts
Christmas Mourning (single) 2016 

The Sickly Rich Boys
Second Sight (CD) 2016; CD Baby 

Pretty Plastic/Dose (45) 2014; Fair Warning 
Cut Bait/Enemies List (45) 2015; Mind Cure
Sickening/The New Crusades (45) 2016
Old Blood (single) 2016
Peg Simone
Branded Heart (CD) 2000; Catdoll
The Deeper You Get (CD) 2007; CD Baby
Secrets From the Storm (CD) 2010; Radium
Witch Tree Road (download) 2012
The Dream Realm (single) 2015
Dreaming (single) 2015
Knockin' Myself Out (single) 2015
Connect the Dots (single) 2016
Behind Uncle Bernie's Bar (download) 2019

Six Gun Jury
Res Ipsa Loquitor (cassette) 1989

1991 Demo (cassette) 1991 

Smoking Pets
Live Worship Shop (CD) 1996 

Sound/Unsound (CD) 2017

Sour Wine Cult
Posca (download) 2016; Armed Pussy Cat

Special Ed
Special Ed (LP) 1986
The Love Tobias (cassette) circa 1988; Rat on a Stick
When It Rains It Foams (LP) 1989 

Through the Ears (LP/cassette) 1988; Nippadu
Strong Boy/She Sits There Idle (45) Nippadu
Aw, Mom (CD) 1991; Bogus
Good Eatin’ (CD) 1994; Nippadu
Cheaper Than Therapy (CD) 2000; Nippadu

Stick Against Stone
Stick Against Stone (cassette) 1985
The Index of Directions (CD) 2010; MediaGroove Music
Danny’s Pub 1982 (download) 2012; MediaGroove Music
The Oregon Bootleg Tapes - LIVE (CD) 2014; MediaGroove Music
The Hopping Frog/Leonard - for Leonard Peltier (45) 2014; MediaGroove Music
Instant (CD) 2015; MediaGroove Music
Eugene Studio EP (download) 2018; MediaGroove Music (Reissue of 1985 cassette.)
The Rippel Tapes - Live (download) 2018; MediaGroove Music

Stick Against Stone Orchestra
Get It All Out! (CD/LP) 2012; MediaGroove Music
Get It All Out - Wordless Version (Play Loud) (download) 2016; MediaGroove Music

Story of Failure
Negative Fulfillment on the "83" Spitting Circuit (EP) 1983; Swill Radio

Collisions/Dialogues (45) 1983; t.m.i. 

USAT5 (cassette) Blurrg Tapes (Includes three tracks recorded live at the Electric Banana on 5/9/85.)
Pittsburgh, PA 10/6/1983 (cassette) 1997 (Live at the Electric Banana.)

Sweet Olive
Special Edition (cassette) circa 1982

Billy Synth
We have Got to Make it on Our Own (LP) 2015; Mind Cure

Billy Synth and the Turn Ups
Off the Deep End (LP) 1980; Cracked (Reissued on LP in 2015 by Mind Cure.) 

Stuck In The Sewer Live At The Electric Banana - Pittsburgh, PA Demo #6 (01-10-1989) (cassette) 1989 ("Stuck In The Sewer" is the second song on the tape, not a reference to the venue.)

Thee Speaking Canaries
The Joy of Wine (LP) 1993; Mind Cure
Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged (LP/CD) 1995; Scat (hi-fi version)
Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged (LP) 1995; Mind Cure (lo-fi version)
The Opponents (EP) 1996; Scat
Life-Like Homes (LP) 1998; Scat
Get Out Alive:  The Last Type Story (LP/CD) 2003; Scat
Get Out Alive:  The Long Version (CD) 2003; Scat
Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock (LP) 2015; Chunklet

They Might Be Giants
Venue Songs (CD/DVD) 2005; Idlewild (Includes “Pittsburgh,” a song that mentions the Electric Banana.)

The Thin Cherries
On Moose Island (CD) 2018 (Cover art by Jim Laugelli.)

Thin White Line
Dock of the Bus Stop (cassette) 1988; Brainthrust
The Welfare Dub (cassette) 1991
Death in Pittsburgh - Soundtrack (cassette) 1992
Enough is Enough (EP) 1992; Smog Veil
Something Invincible (cassette/CD) 1994; Brainthrust
Superman and That Girl (download) 2015; The Babylon Kids 

3 Lb. Universe
Hello Catatonic (CD) 2004, 3 Lb. Universe

Courtesy of Steve Bodner
Tiny Little Help
Radio For the People (download) 1991; Rickety (Live on WRCT, 11/9/91.)
(cassette) 1992; Rickety
The Mad Leafless Tree
(LP) 1994; Rickety
Postmaster Flash
(EP) 1995; Rickety
The Kids Aren't Bad
(cassette) 1995; Rickety

Trash Vegas
Legal High Blues/Rated X (45) 1990; Get Hip
Grooveyard (CD) 1993; Get Hip

Die Laughing (cassette) 1988 

Tripod Jimmie
No Autumn Leaves/Spike the Dike (45) 1982; t.m.i.
Long Walk Off a Short Pier (LP) 1982; t.m.i.

T-Tops and Cyrus Gold
Split (10") 2016 

24 Minutes
Who Am I Sleeping With/Number 24 (45) 1981; Public

The Ultimatics
They're All Creeps (EP) 1997; Dim 
The Vicious and the Glamorous (CD) 2000; Beach 

Universal Beat Union
Super Red Giant (CD) 2015

Unsound (CD) circa 1998

Untamed (EP) 1995; Tangent Music
Fear of No Tomorrow (CD) 1996; Dead Again Music
Corporation Failure (CD) 1998; Dead Again Music 

Various Artists
Bonograph…Sonny Gets His Share (CD) 1991; Bogus
Cats in Our Backyard (cassette) 1990; Peas Kor Productions
Iron City Punk Volume 1 (CD) 1994; Ripe
Iron City Punk Volume 2 (CD) 1997; Ripe
Iron City Punk Volume 3 (CD) 2001; Brave New Records
Made in Pittsburgh, Vol. 3 (LP) 1980; Bogus (Many early Pittsburgh punk bands, most of which never recorded anything else for public release.)
Pittsburgh Punk ain't dead...but it's burning up pretty quickly!! (double 7" record) 1991; N.F.O.
Suffer This – A Compilation of Boston’s Backwash (LP) 1988; Godawful (Includes 2 tracks by the Five unavailable elsewhere.)
t.m.i. 015 (LP) 1982; t.m.i.

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico (LP) 1967; Verve (Andy Warhol produced the record and created the cover art, which coincidentally is a portrait of a banana.  Many experts believe that this album provided the template for punk.)

Venus in Furs
Red (CD)
Blue (download) 2015
Green (download) 2018 

Volcano Dogs
Volcano Dogs (LP) 2015; Rat
Fearless Leader (LP) 2017 

Harry Wagner’s Identity Crisis
Holiday In Pittsburgh/Another One Night Stand/Little Respect (EP) 1981; t.m.i.

Robert A. Wagner
songs from the land of unimarts, pit bulls, + karaoke machines (CD) 2005; moondog

Robert A. Wagner and The Mercenes
Scattered Seeds, Fruitless Trees, and Grandma's Hat (CD) 1996; Bamm! Bamm!

Water Shed
Sales and Service (EP) 1991; Pop Bus
Brainville/The Throes (45) 1995; Pop Bus 

White Wreckage
Recordings:  1984 (download) 2013 

Wiggling Judys
It's Too Easy/H-Bomb (When Diplomacy Fails) (45) 1982; Moot

The Wurms
Running in a Dream/Teenage Suicide (45) 1983; AirCraft
Wurms Live (CD) 2013; Fishbait Productions
The Wurms (CD) 2014; Bogus
It's the Wurms! (CD) 2015; Bogus
Heads Above Ground (CD) 2016; Bogus
Off the Hook (CD) 2017; Bogus
Diggin' the Wurms (CD) 2018; Bogus
Sounds From a Wurmhole (CD) 2020; Wurm Records
Heart Wurms (CD) 2022; Wurm Records

Young Lust
Compulsion/Everyone You Meet (45) 1981; Diverse Creation 

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