On October 5-6, 2018, we organized and promoted the Bananastock music festival at Spirit in Lawrenceville.  The Friday night show was presented in conjunction with Spirit First Friday and sponsored by Straub Brewery.  After an opening reception for visual artist 3D Mark on Friday, we had live music from Modern Fossils, Standing Wave, the Damaged Pies, and the Wurms until the wee hours.  We were right back at it the next day, a rainy Saturday afternoon, when live music was provided by Venus in Furs, the Gothees, Tom Moran + Kip Ruefle, and A.T.S.  As it was the first time we ever produced a show or did anything else of value or significance, we wanted to create this visual souvenir of the weekend.  Apologies if all these images take some time to load but it will be worth the wait.

Poster by Mark Zucco.

           45 seconds of Tom Moran and Kip Ruefle.  Courtesy of the Gothees.


The Friday night crowd watches the debut of Modern Fossils.  Photo by Tony.
Hey, hey, they're the Gothees.  Photo by Tony.
Standing Wave.  The Non-Punk Pittsburgh drums are becoming the official drums of Pittsburgh punk reunions.  Photo by Tony.
Larry Dawgiello of Modern Fossils was a real stage presence, here partially obscuring Bill Munz on guitar.  Photo by Tony.

Modern Fossils' set list can be found here.


The Damaged Pies celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band.  Their first show at the Banana was 30 years ago as well.  Photo by Tony.
Venus in Furs' industrial sound captivates the crowd.  Photo by Tony.

The kids are all right.  The next generation was capably represented by Brendan Munz (above) and Danielle Dawgiello (both Modern Fossils) and Megan Paullet (Damaged Pies, St. Vincent College).  (Guess where Joe went to college?)  Courtesy of proud Mom Doreen Munz.

Things are looking up for the Gothees.  (Hey, not all these captions can be gems!)  Courtesy of the Gothees.
Tom Moran (the Dark, the Five, Deliberate Strangers) on electric sitar and Kip Ruefle (A.T.S.) on hand percussion deliver an improvisational set after Tom told a funny story.  "Tom always had the best Banana stories," Sir Lee Gothee told me.  Courtesy of the Gothees.
A panoramic view of Modern Fossils.  Courtesy of Larry's GoPro and Larry Dawgiello.

Two-sided postcard by Waldo P. Emerson Gothee Jones III.

Standing Wave includes Carsickness founding members Dennis Childers (on drums) and Steve Sciulli.  Photo by Tony.
The Wurms.  It's been 35 years since the release of their debut single and their only Banana appearance, opening for the Dogs.  Courtesy of the Wurms.
The Gothees.  "Nothing like hearing some good theremin," said Tony, who took this photo.
Poster by Larry Dawgiello.

A.T.S. performed at the last Banana show listed in our gigography.  Courtesy of the Gothees.

The Gothees performing "Ultra Man / Ultra Model."  Photo by Tony.
A rapt fan observes Venus In Furs.  Photo by Tony.
Publicity photo of the multi-generational Modern Fossils, three of whose members account for 55 appearances at the Banana.  Courtesy of Bill Munz. 

A spooky ending to Standing Wave's set as they perform "High in the Mountain."  Photo by Tony.

The Mockster couldn't be there on Friday night so he held his own Bananastock on WRCT.  Check out his playlist here.

Special Thanks to:
John Chamberlin & Rachel Rennebeck of YaJagoff!
Ruth Dilts
Waldo P. Emerson Gothee Jones III
Keystone by Design
Tony Landolina Art
Scott Mervis of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Bill Munz
Lisa Seligman
Straub Brewery
Leigh Yock, Cormac Gartland, Justin Strong, Ken (security) & everybody else at Spirit
Mark Zucco
All of the fans who attended
All of the musicians who performed

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